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Health Kinesiology is simple, safe and non-invasive.

Health Kinesiology is simple, safe and non-invasive and encompasses all aspects of Mind/Body Balance.

Optimise your health and wellness with Health Kinesiology and NST Bowen therapy

  • Are you looking for a natural, holistic health care treatment?
  • Do you want  to feel balanced in mind and body?
  • Is experiencing optimum health and wellness something you wish you could achieve?
  • Do you want to feel filled with vitality?

Health Kinesiology (muscle testing) and NST Bowen therapy treatments may help you in your search for better health and wellbeing.

Also known as Alternative Therapies the natural and gentle treatments we offer provide a different solution to the challenges life throws at you by addressing the causes of imbalances in your life  whether they are physical, emotional, or perhaps a bit of both.

You too could experience recovery to good health and freedom from pain with these gentle, effective treatments for rebalancing your body, re-energising you and improving your well-being in a truly holistic way.

NST Bowen for gentle realignment

NST Bowen for gentle realignment, rebalancing and stress release.

Using integrated sessions of both Health Kinesiology and NST Bowen therapy my many clients have seen some amazing results, some of whom have suffered from pain and ill-health for years. Just take a look at their testimonials

So whether you are seeking relief from :
  • Chronic pain and restrictive movement
  • Niggling ailments
  • Poor stamina and feeling tired all the time
  • Stress, anxiety and poor sleep
  • A health condition that seems unexplainable and conventional medicine has been ineffective
I will have the most effective therapy for you.
Is now the time to take some time out to experience the life changing effects these treatments may have on you?
Why not send me an email or call me today so that we can discuss your health care needs and set up your first appointment?